A Day in the Life: Buying Astrological Emeralds

It’s currently Wednesday, the astrological day of Mercury, and I’m sitting in our showroom inspecting a parcel of emeralds that just arrived. Emerald is Mercury’s astrological gemstone and Mercury rules over writing and communication in astrology. It seemed fitting to write about this experience on my iPhone as I go about my work today. Our… Read More A Day in the Life: Buying Astrological Emeralds

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Are You a Good Candidate for Gemstone Therapy?

Sometimes I take the liberty of respectfully declining to sell to people. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s in the best interest of all involved. After a thorough chart analysis and a gemstone consultation, the people who probably aren’t ready to wear powerful gemstones yet (and will likely return whatever they do… Read More Are You a Good Candidate for Gemstone Therapy?

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The Importance of Self Referral

A lot of people I speak to, deep in the throes of multiple astrology readings or endless late-night Googling sessions, get lost in all the conflicting opinions relating to Vedic Gemology. Frequently I get a call from someone asking me for advice, followed by a second call asking me to explain why somebody online said… Read More The Importance of Self Referral

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Do Jyotish Gems Stop Working Over Time?

A common belief in the astrological community is that Jyotish gemstones diminish in effect over the years. Some people are concerned about investing in a gem if it won’t be as powerful after it’s been worn for a while. It’s time to examine this belief in further detail. Adaptation to Energetic Influence The first place… Read More Do Jyotish Gems Stop Working Over Time?

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